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Anonymous asked: LOL!!! Nissy really seemed Misako's boyfriend in the first clip, bothering her while she sleeps, only lovers to be so bad. (laughssss)

Hey Anonymous! Haha, I love this comment! Their chemistry is so natural.

  1. takauno posted this

西宇. 西島宇野. にっしー×宇野ちゃん. ニッシーx宇野チャン. 西島隆弘 x 宇野実彩子. ニッシーx実彩子. 니시지마 타카히로 x 우노 미사코. 닛시&우노. 타카우노. たかみさ. にしうの. たかうの. Nissy x Misako. Nishi x Uno-chan. Nishijima Takahiro x Uno Misako. Takauno. ❤

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